Are You Fishing . . . or Catching?

Catch more fish GUARANTEED! We've all heard this said about the thousands of fishing products on the market today. Bass fishers are lured by a full spectrum of colors, shapes and designs of lures costing upwords of $30 ea. Crappie fishers are enticed by jigs, spinners, drop-short rigs and many others. Catfishers are also always coming up with a wide variety of concoctions to catch "The Big One".

Bottom line, it all comes down to us needing to focus on the basics. Plain and simple. You must have bait on your hook and it must be presented to the fish where they are feeding. Nothing else really matters. This new product called The Captain Catchemall Bait Keeper Cup, allows you to do just that.

So, sit back, relax and get a cup of coffee while you enjoy watching our video and learn exactly how the Baitkeeper Cup will soon be the most productive "fish catching tool" in your fishing arsenal. As you're catching fish and everyone around you isn't, they're sure to ask you about your "secret weapon".

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

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Catfishing Step 1

Step #1: Thread the line through the baitcup and then tie on the hook and sinker

Catfishing Step 2

Step #2: Put the bait securely on the hook

Catfishing Step 3

Step #3: Place baited hook and sinker into the baitcup

Catfishing Step 4

Step #4: Cast the baitcup (with the baited hook and sinker inside the baitcup) to where you want to fish

Catfishing Step 5

Step #5: When the baitcup lands on the water, it drops the baited hook and sinker to your desired depth

Catfishing Step 6

Step #6: Baitecup now acts as a super sensitive bobber